Bag Filter Housing - 88 Series


We offer 88 Series bag filter housings which is a range of multi-bag housings for higher flow applications.

Single Cartridge Housings


The high quality 50 Series housing range is supplied for smaller process flows where a single filter cartridge is required. The 51 Series is suitable for general applications and the 52 Series and 53 Series are designed for higher pressures. The 54 Series ClearView housing contains a borosilicate ‘viewing’ section to assist in process monitoring. Other products in this range include the easy access 55 Series housing and the 56 Series which utilises a high security closure.

Plastic Housings


The 20 Series is a range of low cost plastic housings. The polypropylene 26 Series is designed to accommodate a single or double length 7” bag. The 28 Series can accommodate a single 10” or 20” filter of either standard diameter or the large diameter B-Blue version. The standard 27 Series is suitable for 3, 5, 10 or 15 stacks of 70 mm diameter filters and the 27 Series GRPhousing can be fitted with a large bore high flow cartridge.

Multi Cartridge Housings


The 60 Series is a range of light weight multi-cartridge housings suitable for general liquid and gas process applications. They are offered with a range of closure types and inlet and outlet connections. The range includes the free standing 61 Series housings and the dished end 62 Series. The 63 Series and 64 Series housings have a centre closure to provide easier access for filter change outs. The 65 Series housing is designed for higher pressures and the 66 Series is  specifically for high flow, large diameter filters.

Sanitary Housings

The hygienic 70 Series range is manufactured to have a high quality surface finish and is suitable for the most critical applications found in the Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals and Beverage industries. The 71 Series is designed for vessel venting and the single stack 72 Series, 76 Series, 76 Series ClearView and multi-stack 73 Series designed for liquid filtration. Where filtration of compressed air or gases is required we offer the 74 Series housing with a plenum.