DuoLine Felt


DuoLine Felt bags are manufactured using a needle felt type media providing both surface and depth filtration for maximum dirt capacity. They can be supplied with either polypropylene, PTFE, polyester, nylon or high temperature Nomex media. All bags are silicone free and we offer FDA and EU Food Contact compliant materials

DuoLine HE


DuoLine HE filter bags are designed for the most challenging clarification applications. They utilise a muliti-layered polypropylene meltblown media with built in prefiltration layers providing a high efficiency for solids removal and long life. Bags are available with removal ratings from 0.5 - 25 µm, so can be used in the more critical applications.

DuoLine NM

The DuoLine NM range is made from a nylon monofilament media woven into a cloth. This produces a bag filter that exhibits high flow capacity and the precision filtration that is ideal for the selective separation of solids (classification) required for paint shop and purification applications. They are available with removal ratings from 10 - 1000 µm.

DuoLine OilOut


DuoLine OilOut filter bags are designed to provide effective oil adsorbing capacity in a wide range of applications. They are manufactured using combinations of both needlefelt and microfibre polypropylene media and provide both particulate control and economic oil removal. The special DuoLine PA range offers up to 25 times its own weight in oil capacity.