Depth Filters


Amazon Filters offers a wide range of absolute and nominal rated depth filters using polypropylene or nylon 6. Filters can be supplied in standard format or as large diameter, high flow versions, with removal ratings ranging from 0.3 – 350 µm.

Pleated Filters


Amazon Filters provides pleated cartridges using a range of different media types including polypropylene, glass fibre, Halar and nylon mesh with absolute removal ratings ranging from 0.3 – 400 µm. Filters can be supplied in standard format or as large diameter, high flow versions.

Membrane Filters


We offer pleated membrane filters with hydrophilic polyethersulphone (PES), hydrophilic nylon 66 or hydrophobic PTFE media. TypicallySupaPore VP PES filters (rated 0.03 – 1 µm) and SupaPore NP Nylon 66 (rated 0.1 – 0.65 µm) are used for aqueous solutions, SupaPore TP PTFE filters (rated 0.1 – 3 µm) are used for air, gas and solvents and SupaPore TL for more aggressive solvents and chemicals. These are supported with comprehensive technical documentation.

Activated Carbon Filters


Amazon Filters supplies SupaCarb cartridges containing activated carbon that provide effective removal of contaminants in a clean and easy to use format. We offer products with sintered block or rolled felt activated carbon, either in standard cartridge format or as large diameter, high capacity versions. Typical applications include chlorine removal and decolourisation.

Stainless Steel Filters


Where processes are most aggressive we offer both pleated and cylindrical SupaMeshfilters that can be used in temperatures ranging from –150ºC to +300ºC and for differential pressures up to 25 bar in the normal flow direction. They are also available with optional outer guards where reverse flow or backwashing is required.